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A variety of publications, including documents and photos, can be viewed below.


UK Climate Change Risk Assessment: South East Summary and Case Studies January 2012
Rising To The Challenge: 10th Anniversary Report
Engaging with SE Transport Authorities on the Adaptation Reporting Power (appendices) March 2010
Climate Change Adaptation High-Level Business Messaging March 2010
SME Adaptation: Linking Business Advice on Adaptation and Sustainability March 2010
South East Climate Threats and Opportunities Research Study (SECTORS) Technical report, 2004- zipped PDF.
Climate Change and Tourism in the South of England: Adaptation guide
Climate Change and Your Tourism Business: What can you do to adapt? (postcard)
Adapting to Climate Change: A Checklist for Development November 2005, Three Regions Climate Change Group (TRCCG)
Adapting to Climate Change: A case study companion to the checklist for development March 2007, TRCCG
Your Home in a Changing Climate: Retrofitting Existing Homes for Climate Change Impacts. TRCCG, February 2008.
Rising to the Challenge: Impacts of Climate Change in South East England in the 21st Century November 1999
Climate Change and Small Businesses: How directors are responding to the challenges of climate change. Published with support from Business Link and UKCIP. June 2008.
Business Resilience: Engaging SMEs via Accountants (Findings of the 2010-11 Oxfordshire trial) February 2011


Potential for Renewable energy in the South East (assessment by SE Planning Partnership Board June 2010) with Appendices.
South East Regional Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (SE Partnership Board, 2010)
Final Draft Report February 2010
Vulnerability Report: Flooding and Erosion part 1
Vulnerability Report: Flooding and Erosion part 2
Vulnerability Report: Flooding and Erosion part 3
Environmental Limits for the South East (SE Partnership Board, March 2010)
Executive Summary
Full Report
SE Regional Flood Risk Appraisal

Planning for Climate Change: guidance from the Planning and Climate Change Coalition, April 2012
UKCP09 Guide for Elected Members January 2010
SEEDA Diamonds ‘No Nonsense’ Guide to Reducing Your Footprint November 2009
IDeA Climate Change Support for Local Authorities
IDeA: Developing an Adaptation Strategy 2009
Lofty Ambitions: The role of councils in reducing domestic CO2 emissions (full report and summary available), Audit Commission, October 2009
Emergency Planning: Adapting to Climate Change (UKCIP/Nottingham Declaration Partnership/Emergency Planning Society) September 2009

Risk & Impacts Assessments/Adaptation Plans
Building our resilience to wildfires: preparation and prevention for 2012 (South East of England Regional Wildfire Group and Home Counties Operational Wildfire Group) April 2010
Portsmouth: Priority risks and outcomes, Headline summary.
Portsmouth thresholds
Oxfordshire LCLIP
West Sussex LCLIP
Buckinghamshire comprehensive risk assessment March 2010
Cherwell risk assessment and priority actions
Bracknell Forest LCLIP March 2010
Aylesbury Vale LCLIP
Isle of Wight Extreme Weather Study, Impacts report

Climate Change Strategies
Kent Environment Strategy and Adaptation Plan
Isle of Wight Adaptation Pages
Staffordshire Corporate CC Strategy - excellent section on production of Climate Change Adaptation Plans (Appendix 3)
A Climate Change Guide for Lewes District August 2009
Surrey County Council Climate Change Strategy
Surrey (partnership) Climate Change Strategy 2009
A Climate Change Strategy for Woking 2008-2013
Climate Change in Hastings: Generation Green web pages
Acting Together: A Climate Change Strategy for the Horsham District June 2009
Chichester District Council Strategy
Crawley Borough Council strategy
Eastleigh Climate Change Strategy 2008
Rushmoor Climate Change Strategy 2006
Playing Our Part in Tackling Climate Change: Basingstoke & Deane’s Climate Change Strategy
Portsmouth City Council Climate Change Strategy
Wealden District Council Climate Change Action Plan
Hampshire’s Climate Change Commission of Inquiry and climate change web pages
Spelthorne Sustainable Development Strategy 2009-2013
West Oxfordshire Draft Climate Change Action Plan
Bracknell Forest Climate Change Action Plan
NHS South Central Carbon Reduction Management Plan, May 2010


Planning and Built Environment
Planning for a Healthy Environment: good practice guidance for green infrastructure and biodiversity TCPA, Wildlife Trusts July 2012 (and model policies annex)
Planning for Climate Change: guidance from the Planning and Climate Change Coalition April 2012
Climate Change and Local Development Frameworks Part 1 Part 2 Case Studies Technical Appendix SE Partnership Board March 2010
Review and Analysis of Regional Evidence Base Relating to Housing Provision SE Partnership Board, May 2010
Population and Household Projections for the South East December 2009
Procurement requirements for reducing waste and using resources efficiently, WRAP, February 2010
Design for future climate: opportunities for adaptation in the built environment by Bill Gething for Technology Strategy Board (very large file)
Climate Change: Adaptation by design: a guide for sustainable communities TCPA 2007
About Towns: Ensuring optimum temperatures within a sprawling metropolis… by Richard Watkins, BSJ Online, 09/07
Community Energy: Planning, Development and Delivery TCPA 2010
Planning for Climate Change- guidance and model policies for local authorities, Planning and Climate Change Coalition, November 2010
Managing Development and the Environment: Tonbridge and Malling DPD (April 2010)
Engineering Cities: How can cities grow whilst reducing emissions and vulnerability? (Tyndall Centre) 2009
PPS 25 Development and Coastal Change Good Practice Guide DCLG March 2010
PPS 25 Development and Flood Risk Good Practice Guide DCLG December 2009

Infrastructure, Engineering, and Climate Change Adaptation - ensuring services in an uncertain future. Engineering The Future Alliance, February 2011.

Potential for Renewable Energy: South East Assessment (SE Planning Partnership Board June 2010)  Appendices

Emergency Planning
Emergency Planning: Adapting to Climate Change, by UKCIP, Nottingham Declaration Partnership; funded by LRAP. September 2009.

Business Resilience: Engaging SMEs via Accountants (Findings of the 2010-11 Oxfordshire trial) February 2011
Whatever The Weather: Managing the risks from a changing climate CBI, November 2010
Could you afford to be flooded? EA Business News February 2010
UKCIP Review of SME Vulnerability and Resilence to Extreme Weather December 2009
Hedging Climate Change: How Insurers Can Manage the Risk of Increasing Natural Catastrophes (Allianz) 2007
Adaptation to a Changing Climate: Today’s investments in tomorrow’s climate (Consumer Focus report and survey) October 2009

Assessing the costs of adaptation to climate change: A review of the UNFCCC and other recent estimates (iied) August 2009

Network Rail Report under the Adaptation Reporting Power September 2010
Local Transport: Adapting to Climate Change, by UKCIP, Nottingham Declaration Partnership, funded by LRAP. September 2009.

Health/Environmental Health
Health Effects of Climate Change in the West Midlands Summary Report March 2010
Heatwave Plan for England 2009: Protecting Health and Reducing Harm from Extreme Heat and Heatwaves (NHS) 2009
Managing the health effects of climate change (The Lancet/UCL) 2009
Climate Change, Public Health and Health Inequalities - A resource for environmental health practitioners (CIEH) November 2008
Climate Change and its Health Implications (CIEH) November 2008
Climate Change Adaptation Response: Public Health Hampshire CC

Biodiversity/Wildlife/Area Specific/Countryside
Habitat_Banking: scaling up private investment in the protection and restoration of our natural world. Eftec, Climate Change Capital, 2011
Making Space for Wildlife in a Changing Climate Natural England 2010
Natural England’s Character Area Climate Change Project
The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Summary Report TEEB 2009
No Charge? Valuing the Natural Environment Natural England 2009
Combating climate change: a role for UK forests November 2009; scroll down for free PDF
Natural England Green Infrastructure guidance and cases.
South East Green Infrastructure Framework
The Natural Environment: Adapting to Climate Change: Natural England 2008
Tomorrow’s Kent: The impacts of climate change on Kent and its countryside
Weathering the Changes: A strategy to combat the effects of climate change in Sussex by the Sussex Wildlife Trust

Marine Impacts
Marine Climate Change Impacts Report Card 2010-11

Robust Adaptation to Climate Change by Robert L. Wilby and Suraje Dessai (includes water management case study)
Water Resources Strategy includes strategies for England and Wales and regional action plans (Environment Agency)
East Sussex Corporate Sustainable Buildings Policy
Draft PUSH Sustainable Development SPD Resource Document: Water
Southampton CC Civic Buildings Water Efficiency Report
The provision of water to meet Medway’s future needs Medway Council, July 2007
Draft water action plan for Brighton & Hove

Our Heritage and the Regional Climate: The impacts of climate change on the historic environment in the South East by English Heritage

Organisational Capacity Building
Resilient Organisations 2: PACT Self-Assessment Pilot Initial Results March 2010
Adapting Institutions to Climate Change RCEP March 2010
PACT Handbook ESPACE Project: May 2008

Ocean uptake of carbon dioxide - a briefing note by the Marine Climate Change Impacts Programme January 2010
The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Climate Science since the IPCC 4th Assessment report 2009
Arctic Climate Feedbacks: Global Implications (Executive Summary, Allianz/WWF) 2009
Dynamical sea level changes associated with a changing MOC: does vertical mixing matter? Caroline Katsman, et al.
Warming: Climate change-the facts no-nonsense guide to the facts of climate change (Met Office)

Climate Change Adaptation in New York City: Building a Risk Management Response (May 2010)
Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) December 2009
World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change (World Bank) September 2009