Search Engines – RankBrain

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence machine designed by Google to initially monitor before eventually take charge of the company’s search engine algorithm. Google is riding the wave of artificial intelligence by introducing its own AI machine, RankBrain to spearhead its search engine algorithm. Image courtesy of Kai Stachowiak What is RankBrain? As the name implies, […]

Search Engines – Robots

Spiders, crawlers and robots are soulless lines of code that perform miraculous feats every single second of every day. In spite of that, they are not godly beings, and instead, rely on instructions from humans to function. So take advantage of that and teach robots visiting your website how to behave – or just give […]

Search Engines – Architecture

The information architecture, code structure and site navigation of your website not only help with maintenance, user experience and operational efficiency, they also make it easier for robots and spiders to crawl through your website. If robots cannot roam free on your website, or certain sections are blocked, they will leave. They will come back […]

Search Engines – Google

Google is the most dominant search engine today, with over 90% share of the market. If you’re planning on making an impact on the internet, a thorough understanding of how Google works is absolutely essential. Google’s market dominance is due to the accuracy of its algorithm. Image courtesy of Pixabay Anatomy of Google To enable […]

Search Engines – Index

Search engines are the tour guides of the internet. They know and have visited most of the places, they can identify which are the good and bad places, and they can take you where you need to go with just a few words. Of course, this is an oversimplification, but you get the idea. Technically […]